New world order or the utopia of the 21st century

Man is a utopian creature. Utopia, a neologism coined by Thomas Moore for his novel published in 1516, this a-topic space if you will, is the place where human intellect resides, where imagination becomes the homeland of creativity.
No dictionary will much help us in understanding the term, seizing the full scope of its realm. For one thing, it is a polemic word, one of partisanship  in the mouth of different people:  for some, utopia is used to dismiss summarily and pejoratively any thought, plan, desire, vision or ambition that is deemed to go beyond the possible, common sense, or simply the odds;  utopian becomes synonymous to naïve, gullible, or hopeless visionary. For others yet, utopia remains eternal source of energy, vested faith, glorious self-sacrifice,  which makes this world turn around. Utopians are humans of a different calibre.
It was already in the late 400s BCE that Hippodamus of Miletus designed the ‘’perfect’’ polis in Pireaus – providing for three distinctive spaces, public, private and sacred thus giving urbis new social and spatial functionalities,  a model on the basis of which all future cities of classic Greece would be built.  Later on, the early Christians would try to establish the “ideal society” based on agapetic fraternity and communitarism.  In the meantime the world had already witnessed 7 wonders, 7 philosophers and 3 radically different political systems.  Centuries would come and go, and man kept searching (without ever being discouraged by repeated error or failure), for paradise on earth, the mythical kingdom, the ideal polity.  From the days of Plato’s oligarchic if not quasi-totalitarian Republic where poets would be ostracized, to 20th century’s great utopian mass murderers – Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot et al-  all the way through Machiavelli, Bentham or Huxley, “Utopia kills in its innocence”.
Man’s collective memory is branded with an endless chain of utopias which went poisonous: the quest for perfect harmony and every possible definition, form or application of justice or freedom have been stretched or mutilated on the procrustean bed. The idea was to eliminate pain, misery and poverty, yet it would partially be achieved by eliminating the pained, the miserable and the poor.
If we take a closer look at the 20th century, we may soon begin to suspect that it was not utopia which bred and raised every form of totalitarianism but the opposite: totalitarianism became the deathbed of utopia.  It may be safer to avoid any dictionary definitions and instead understand utopia as a collective experience.  According to W. Benjamin, if we want to truly describe an era, to take its pulse, we need to understand and define the oneiric conscience thereof; utopian conscience expresses, through “dreams”,  a certain degree of unease at the status quo and the desire to overcome the restrictions it is subjugated to.  As Adorno put it in a lecture on utopia, back in 1964, “something is missing”.  We may study the dreams of the social collective, keeping safe distances so as not to be seduced by them in the way Ulysse’s poor fellow soldiers got seduced at the singing of the sirens.
Can mankind live without any utopias? Can man survive in a world wherein the functionalities and necessity of utopia have been eradicated? This might look like a particularly nightmarish world, a dehumanized social landscape, an Orwellian painting, wherein everything would be totally controlled, designed, implemented or executed.
Today more than in any other moment of our History the world seems divided in two distinctive, highly imbalanced and mutually exclusive utopias poised for war:  on the one end, a few dozen million rich and super-rich with their own utopia of a “new world order”, and on the other end, the rest of mankind, higher in numbers certainly, but with lesser and lesser weight  if any, (as in the case of the 3rd world), with their utopian resistance and reversal of History.
As Oscar Wild once wrote: “a map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias.”
We will come back with more articles therefore on this nightmare called NWO, its supporters, its messiahs, and the global mafia of the cartels espousing this new old utopia of totalitarianism, we will study their methods, “dreams”, visions, their psychology and mind frame, putting what they “miss” under the microscope and how they imagine this novus ordo mundi.
It is only then that we may give shape and meaning to, and consciously put forward our own version of utopia.
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