The President, the Chairman of Parliament and the silence of the lambs

is an interesting video clip uploaded on youtube.

It’s «Greek to you», but I assure you it’s Greek in the first place. The video captures Academic, MP and, at that time, Feb 2005, Chairperson of the Greek Parliament Anna Psarouda Benakis, congratulating the newly elected President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias. Her monologue is not only congratulations; she makes dark, weird, scary hints, a prophesy of ominous doom. Within the first minute, her words translate as this: «You assume your presidential duties for the next five years, a period during which important developments will take shape: European integration will move forward, national borders, and probably a portion of national sovereignty will shrink in favour of peace, prosperity and security in a broadened Europe…»

It’s intriguing, now, 8 years later, to realize that Papoulias does not even raise an eyebrow. Is he listening? Is he not? Does he know already what she is talking about? Does he agree? The scene is taken on camera. I would normally presume in the presence of journalists and/or photoreporters. Did they raise an eyebrow? Were they listening? Did they agree? Only History will tell. But one thing is certain: nobody interrupted Anna Psarouda Benakis, nobody raised the critical question »sorry ma’am, what the hell are you saying here?»

8 years later, 5 years into the wildest recession, a de facto bankruptcy and nearly 3,500 suicides of civilians out of despair, poverty, unemployment and ordinary debt that became impossible to honour without a decent income, Papoulias serves his second term. See, he got reelected. Lack of candidates or a brilliant success story? Of course not. For, this is the appointed puppet-president who has turned a blind eye to the fate of his homeland, while leading it from the loftiest political office under our Democracy, tainting both in dishonour. This is the traitor who sealed with his presidential signature the selling off of our future, co-penned by traitor governments, right, left and socialist, and the Troika band, IMF, EU overall, Germany and France in particular.

The latest »achievement» of the puppet-president is not so much related to content, but to form. Not to essence, but to appearances, and yet the semiotic implications are beyond measure. The stealthy »message» is shocking for the one who can read it. Hellenic Official Journal Fascicule Α3, dated 08.01.2013 published the first presidential decree of the year, which was signed by the puppet-president in Berlin, where he was on an unofficial visit. How much sense does this make, the OJ of a sovereign state to publish national law signed and enacted in the capital of another sovereign state? How much political sense, that is…

And which state of all? The very one that has profited most of its Greek victim. When Germany and France signed along with all other eurozone member states the so called stability and growth pact, about 10 years back or so, they took a laxist approach because they could not meet all criteria and conditions described therein.Cunningly, they let others take a laxist approach too. It was all too convenient, while national constituencies were sleeping in peace and prosperity.

Now, under the chancellorship of Merkel in Germany and the presidencies of Sarkozy/Hollande, these same two countries demand and impose on us the most inhuman, savage, the most ruthless fiscal discipline to set the record straight of an artificially bloated and galloping debt which is simply impossible to manage. They do not even care to consider how this tears the social fabric apart, destroys future growth potential, or activates the worst possible spiral of self-fed recession. Are they insane, downright shortsighted and stupid, or is it a very cunning and well designed plunder?

For those who love drama and intrigue, the third option is corroborated by tactics: Germany followed up by France first staged the play with the wildest lies and libels against the Greek Nation, and with distorted truths and half truths, set out to win the gullible support of their respective constituencies and thus legitimize ruthlessness and profiteering. Predatory is the word. And it is an understatement.

The Greek puppet-president is technically entitled, i.e. has the constitutional right to sign presidential decrees wherever he is. Is he in Tokyo? In Tokyo then. Is he in Berlin, Washington or Tombuktu? In Berlin, Washington and Tombuktu then. He should have been politically more savvy though. Even as a senile puppet. If not him, at least the puppet players should have been. But their arrogance is so material, their pseudo-righteousness runs so deep that they cannot even bring themselves to realize what they are up to. They are up to shooting their own legs. For, if the periphery collapses, so will the European giant with the intelligence of a moth.

Who is going to swallow the sweet bait of EU integration, solidarity, cohesion, and all that micropolitical mumbo-jumbo of petty leaders? Which European will help which European, the very moment that BRIC economies take off, shifting the economic gravity centre eastwards?  Franco-German EMP Daniel Cohn Bendit could not have been any harsher than this, here: : «you are hypocrites«, he said, to his two homelands, both France and Germany. And Nigel Farage is also to the point here: «I want to make money off the back of Greece», he said in his turn. And yes, he primarily pointed at France and Germany.

Not only does Germany NOT pay back with its aggregated interests the «loan» Nazis «raised» with Athens 70 years back, guns at hand, not only did Germany benefit from the waves of Greek gastarbeiter in the 50s and 60s, who worked their bones in the industrial complexes of that country and thus contributed to the so called «German miracle», not only do Germany now boosts exports and scoops huge euro profits  or ensures low unemployment rates in the middle of the global crisis, and thus social stability, while tearing the social fabric apart of the »lazy south», not only can its yellow press not help covetting islands and archaeological treasures it has no right onto as payment of artificially bloated debt, not only does our grey material, the brightest of our young adults, the future of our Nation re-immigrate to Teutonia in search of a job, not only have German companies the blackest record of constitutional corruption, such as Hochtief, or Ferostall or the worst of them all, Siemens -and the recent condemnatory verdict of US SEC proves it, if Greece were (all too conveniently) delegitimized from making such claims, but to add insult to injury,  by way of this infamous OJ signed in Berlin, the puppet-president sent the message to the Nation, because the puppet player is too cowardly to say it to our face: »Your capital is Berlin, We decide» the stealthy message goes. It’ s in Berlin and Brussels that the occupying government has its headquarters in. Not the Greek government in Athens. The puppet-president, along with the three-party traitor government in Athens. are nothing more and nothing better than petty gofer boys, they carry messages and supervise their execution. Τheir petty »salary»? Staying off the hook of Justice, under the protectorship of their European patrons. Those patrons who footed in the bills of the parties. Party time is not over despite the bankruptcy. Is it not preposterous? Is it not a crime??

Europe has yet to learn from History. An indebted nation -and to a large degree artificially so- is no threat, poses no risk to its predatory «creditors». A humiliated nation is risky investment, an altogether different derivative. The presidential decree published in OJ Fascicule Α3, dated 08.01.2013, signed by the puppet-president in Berlin, is a humiliation, and a disgrace committed against our Nation.

We shall not forget this. We will collateralize it on your «bonds». And when it matures, we will wire you the payment.


Η γνώμη σας;

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